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Yet another avenue.

I thought this was worth a shot, actually opening my Etsy shop. It's been sitting there empty since 2006 {who knew!} and in dire need of testing the waters. So there you have it, more will be added when and if things work out any, as well as this will be the place any merch will go. Check it out and please don't be shy about sharing any thoughts and/or opinions.

One can view the link above or even go to the fan page @ facebook. Either or works ;]
Tweedle Dee & Dum

More Alice: Icons & F.O Banners

Once again here I am with some graphic goodies by way of Alice In Wonderland.
{It's coming REAL soon; 03.05.2010}

001; Square002; Rounded

Friends Only:
001; Square
002; Rounded
★ Click for full size {640 x 300}

Use and abuse to your hearts content, don't claim the work and of course, enjoy!

Edgar Allan: MUGS!

Here is what your 11oz black mug looks like in real time; mugs are available for $15.95 plus shipping:

★Click the images for larger previews.

More shots to come of other available works on mugs:
In white 11oz {$15.95 +Shipping} and 15oz. {$17.95 +Shipping}.
Dancer In Waiting | A Passion For Fashion | Just A Girl | Sock Dreams | Serenity | Bliss | Entity
To have a look see at the prints mentioned above; Click here: The Digital Category.

Photography:Lomo-Holga {Post #002} Prints Available

Here we are folks! A selection of lomography photos are now available as prints; Have a look see and buy! Because well, you do know what makes for great gifts right? Prints! *Hint, hint - Nudge, nudge*
Stone Cross I Stone Cross II Rusted Low Rider Flat Black Hotrod

Canadian Pacific A Home I A Home II

★ Clicking the images will take you to the subsequent post for that print; each thumb will open in a new window.

Photography:Lomo-Holga {Post #001}

Finally Holga lomography photos for your viewing pleasures. Not all from the first roll were actually anything to look at, most are just a blobby mess. And the second roll turned out much better, with more photos to look at. But anywho, these are the results I have chosen to share with you all;

{Click the thumbnails to view larger}




Superia100 C41:No colour corrections or extra processing; Microphone & Gretsch may be available for prints {If the desire is there:Please don't hesitate to contact for details}

Collapse )

Painting: Free Like The Birds

After a moment of inspiration; a painting was began. Free Like The Birds.

I decided I would share with you all the stages along the way, the process so to speak. And after seven hours of work, drying time and whatnot, the final result. Please pay no attention to the icky background that is my computer chair and the not so wonderful lighting. Photos were taken throughout the day (obviously) and with my cell phone haha.

Medium: Acrylic
Size: 10" x 10" x 1.5"
Time: 7 Hours approx.
Price: TBA
Red Queen

New work made from an older photo:

New work for you all to take a gander at! Well it's not entirely new, this is a previously posted/taken photograph; Irish Cross. That I decided to play around with in Photoshop some, there was just something that needed to be done with the previous version and really it was eating away at me for the past little while.

So I bring to my wonderful viewers; Washed Technicoloured Irish:

What do you think? Is this something that would be wanted/desired for prints? Your thoughts and opinions are appreciated ;]